Herbal Baby Powder

Talc-Free & All-Natural with Calendula and Chamomile – Lavender Scent

This talc-free baby powder is a great way to support your child's sensitive skin during diaper changes, after baths, and more. Many commercial powders contain ingredients that are irritants, especially to delicate lungs. This powder is designed to soothe and replenish baby's skin without any dangerous ingredients.

This powder softens, freshens, and dries while nourishing baby's skin with herbal powders. Calendula and chamomile were chosen for their ability to help soothe baby's diaper area.

A fresh, but soft lavender scent helps to calm and relax both baby and caregiver!

Ingredients include: White kaolin clay, arrowroot powder, calendula powder, chamomile powder, and lavender essential oil.

This blend is safe for use with cloth or disposable diapers.

I do not use cornstarch so that yeast does not become a problem.


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