Green Goddess

Green Goddess

All-Purpose Herbal Salve for the Skin

Green Goddess Goo is the latest in our line-up of herbal salves and brings a lot of plant power to your home. It is blended with the most classic soothing herbs available including the "band-aid plant" plantain (Plantago major), soothing and calming lavender and calendula, and comfrey leaf.

All herbs included are organically grown and infused into olive oil over low heat for at least 8 hours. We've also added essential oils of lavender and tea tree for their soothing properties and because they really help to take the itch out of bug bites, rashes, and more! Plus, they add a lovely mild scent to this salve.

Ingredients include: Olive oil infused with organic plantain, lavender, calendula, comfrey leaf;  beeswax; and the essential oils of lavender and tea tree.

This salve is an excellent addition to your all-natural home first-aid kit. You'll be happy to have this around when there are minor cuts and scrapes , bug bites/stings, rashes, dry skin, diaper irritation, and more!

This listing is for a 2 oz. tin.

Please contact me with any questions and be advised that this product is home produced and not supervised by the FDA in any way. It is not meant to treat or cure any condition. Please see your healthcare provider if you have concerns about your family's health!


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