Blissful Birth Organic Herbal Sitz Bath Tea for Postpartum Moms

– Individual Tea Bags and Bulk Looseleaf

Help soothe your body and mind after successfully birthing your baby. Soak your body in a giant cup of herbal bath "tea"!

Available in these sizes:

-ONE muslin pouch (1 ounce)
-THREE large tea bags (1 ounce each)
-TWO ounces looseleaf
-FIVE ounces looseleaf

This bath blend contains specially selected herbs to be used after childbirth. This blend is for use in a peri bottle, compress, or sitz bath 1-3 days after vaginal delivery. It can be used in a regular bath as well, but most medical professionals suggest waiting 2 weeks for your first postpartum bath to ensure the cervix has completely closed (this can be a great time for a mother-baby bath!). Ask your care provider when it’s ok for you to take a bath.

Ingredients include: Calendula flower, comfrey leaf, lavender, plantain leaf, Epsom salt, yarrow leaf and flower, rosemary leaf, and shepherd’s purse.

Instructions: Add 1 pouch or 1 ounce of herb to 2 quarts of boiling water and let steep, covered, for 30 minutes. Use this mixture as a sitz bath, add it to your regular bath, use it in a Peri bottle (let cool first), or dip a cloth into the liquid and use the tea as a warm or cool compress. Alternatively, the pouch may be hung from your bathtub faucet while water fills the tub. After the tub is full, add the muslin pouch directly to the water.

Makes a great gift for baby showers, or from doulas and midwives to their clients. Or treat yourself!

These herbs have been used by herbalists and midwives with postpartum women for many years, but please discontinue use if any irritation occurs and discuss the use of this bath blend with your healthcare provider.

Not for internal consumption.

Please contact me with additional questions. theselightfootsteps (at) . Larger quantities available by special request. Wholesale prices available.


1 Bath Bag, 3 Bath Bags, 2 oz Loose Leaf, 5 oz Loose Leaf

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Chelsea A

I LOVED LOVED LOVED THESE!! I had a vaginal delivery w my TWINS and I swear by these herbs!! They were amazing! They gave me such relief and helped me heal so much faster!!!

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