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July 2019


July 7, 2019 @ 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm
Resilient Acres, 12987 Grand Army of the Republic Hwy
Chardon, OH 44024 United States
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We have a lot of requests for farm tours so we would like to accommodate this in a group setting. This date coincides with the last day of our barn sale. Come see what’s left for sale and then let us take you on a walk around the property. We will give a short description of our dreams and what we are trying to accomplish. We will then walk around the immediate property with options to go to our original…

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July 10, 2019 @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
Resilient Acres, 12987 Grand Army of the Republic Hwy
Chardon, OH 44024 United States
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Have you taken or are you currently taking pre- or post-natal yoga with Jenna? Light Footsteps is hosting a class to bring current and former students together! Enjoy a gentle, Earthy yoga practice followed by time to visit and sample some herbal iced tea that’s safe for both pregnancy and postpartum. All poses are safe for pregnant and nursing mamas. Registration is required to coordinate parking and planning. Babies in arms welcome. Cost: $20 Register here:

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July 11, 2019 @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
Resilient Acres, 12987 Grand Army of the Republic Hwy
Chardon, OH 44024 United States
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Aniko Zala of Wild Origins will be presenting Herbs for Digestion…. Cultures around the world have long used herbs to aid digestion. This is why meat is often paired with rosemary, fennel is eaten after meals in India, and jasmine mint tea is served after a heavy Moroccan tajine. In this workshop we will discuss and sample herbs that can help ease the variety of digestive complaints you or your family are certain to experience at some point. We will…

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August 2019


August 1, 2019 @ 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
Resilient Acres, 12987 Grand Army of the Republic Hwy
Chardon, OH 44024 United States
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Awaken Yoga & Light Footsteps will join together to bring you an experience for women only that will tie you into the moon and her rhythms. Christine will guide the herbal piece of maiden/mother/crone or triple goddess herbs through lore, history & modern use. Jennifer will inspire your learning and empower your spirit with guided moon meditations, symbolism, sacred movement practice and mudra. Tap into your own essence of maiden, mother, and crone in this special 3 phase practice. This…

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August 24, 2019 @ 9:15 am - 10:15 am

June 15, July 27, August 24 at 9:15 A.M. Light Footsteps & Awaken Yoga team up at the farm for a refreshing dose of morning yoga & mystery herbal infusion to accompany your practice. Students will get a little taste of one safe and nourishing herbal infusion before their yoga movement practice begins and will be asked to reflect on how they feel in their mind in body as they practice. After class, we will unveil your herbal surprise to…

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August 25, 2019 @ 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Resilient Acres, 12987 Grand Army of the Republic Hwy
Chardon, OH 44024 United States
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Want to learn everything about making potent, balanced tinctures? This is the class! Here are the topics: • Why tincture? The benefits and the drawbacks • Alcohol vs other solvents • Plant chemistry, constituents, and what is a phytonutrient? • The tools of the trade • Folk method vs standardized • How much alcohol? 40 proof? 80 proof? 190 proof? • Formulation dos and don’ts • Considering dose – how much, for who, and when $40 fee includes your own…

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September 2019


September 28, 2019 @ 3:00 pm - 4:30 pm
Resilient Acres, 12987 Grand Army of the Republic Hwy
Chardon, OH 44024 United States
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Come learn about herbal-infused oils — how to make them, why they are different from essential oils, and ways that they are used. You will learn the basics of how to make your own herbal oils at home and then use pre-prepared herbal oils to make a soothing herbal salve to take home. Cost is $15 and includes a salve to take home. Register here:

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October 2019


October 19, 2019 @ 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm
The Holden Arboretum, 9550 Sperry Rd
Kirtland, OH 44094 United States
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Elderberries have become quite popular for their famed ability to help with cold and flu. Learn more about the history and use of the elder plant, what the science says, and take home some ideas for incorporating elder into your life while learning how to make elderberry syrup. (Elderberry syrup kit included for participants to take home.) Register here:—All-About-Elderberries

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December 2019


December 3, 2019 @ 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Mother Rising, 137 Main St
Chardon, OH 44024 United States
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Herbal remedies have been used for centuries to support women during their childbearing year. Come discuss ways that herbs have historically been used to support fertility, pregnancy, and the first days postpartum. We’ll discuss nutritive herbs that can help keep energy levels high and your mood positive, while we also touch on herbal remedies for common concerns such as morning sickness, low iron levels, and boosting milk supply. We will provide resources where you can purchase or find supplies to…

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May 2020

Botanical Bug Spray Make and Take

May 28, 2020 @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
Geauga County Public Library, 16167 East High Street
Middlefield, OH 44062 United States
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Here's the description: Botanical Bug Spray Make and Take Join herbalist Christine Cassella to learn about herbal bug repellents. We’ll discuss what herb plants are best at deterring pests, what ones you can grow in your own garden, and how to infuse them into your own bug spray. We will have some essential oils to add to your own handmade spray for extra punch, but you’ll learn that you don’t necessarily need them for an effective bug repellent. Class includes…

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December 2020


December 31, 2020 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

POSTPONED.  Date TBA It seems you can’t fire up a pizza oven without a party happening, but that’s not the only reason to have one. Earthen ovens are cheap or free to build, they use free fuel, they don’t heat up the house like your regular oven, and they make everything you cook in them taste better. From bread baking to slow coking casseroles to drying fruits and veggies, to canning, an earthen oven does it all. Come learn how…

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September 2021

Wane & Release Retreat at Resilient Acres

September 11 @ 1:00 pm - 7:30 pm
Resilient Acres, 12987 Grand Army of the Republic Hwy
Chardon, OH 44024 United States
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A Day of supportive releasing, transformation & acceptance Autumn will be around the corner when we celebrate this sacred slow turn to the darkness honoring the end of summer and the transition to the windy season. Autumn gives us permission to prepare for the transition and inner healing as we quiet and steady ourselves once again for the hibernation season. Through the practices of yoga, meditation, and ecotherapy combined with herbalism, aromatherapy, and healing circle ritual, you will find yourself…

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Additional Workshops I Have Taught or Hosted

Yoga and Tea on the Farm

Taught by Jenna Hull and Christine Cassella

Spend a relaxing morning on the farm enjoying a gentle, Earthy yoga practice surrounded by nature. We’ll spend a little over an hour doing yoga and then refresh ourselves with some herbal tea featuring (changes each month). We’ll briefly discuss how and why (this month’s herb) pairs well with yoga, the health and wellness benefits of (the month’s herb), and everyone will leave with a sample to make their own at home.

Herbal First-Aid for Outdoor Adventures

Let’s take a plant walk to learn some garden and lawn plants that are tremendous allies for common first-aid concerns that arise after spending more time outdoors. We’ll discuss what plants you want to know for bee stings, mosquito bites, cuts/scrapes, summer colds, and poison ivy. After our walk, we’ll talk about some of the best herbal remedies to keep in your summer first-aid kit and you’ll learn how to make a few.

Kitchen Cabinet Remedies: Exploring Food as Medicine.

You may have heard the popular adage “let thy food be thy medicine”, but what does that really mean? In this class we will take a deeper look at some of the basic foods and spices you’re likely to have in your kitchen and how they can be used for medicinal purposes. From oregano and garlic to sage and cinnamon (and even chocolate!), come learn how common spices can be incorporated into food or made into unique medicinal preparations like teas, infused honeys, compresses, and more. Demonstrations will be provided and there will even be some samples!

Yoni Steams for Fertility, Postpartum Healing, and Regular Self-Care

Yoni (vaginal) steams are an ancient Mayan method for warming and cleansing the female reproductive organs. They’re often used to help boost a woman’s fertility, assist in the changes that occur postpartum, and they can be incorporated into a regular self-care routine. Come learn why you might want to incorporate this practice into your life and how to do your own yoni steam. We’ll also go through a guided meditation that you can use while doing your steam to help you tap into the power of your reproductive organs. Participants will leave with a steam to take home and try in the privacy of their own home.

Herbal Support for a Healthy Transition to Fall

Let’s enjoy an evening walk looking for medicinal and edible plants that are still available for harvesting in early October. After our educational stroll, we’ll come together to discuss some essential herbal remedies to have on hand as we transition into fall. We’ll talk about making an immune-boosting tincture, the importance of adaptogenic herbs, and some herbal remedies for coughs and colds. You’ll leave with recipes for each remedy and we’ll make one together that you can take home. Come enjoy nature and share what natural remedies you rely on during the seasonal transition while learning some new ones, too!

Herbal Support for the Childbearing Year

Herbal remedies have been used for centuries to support women during their childbearing year. Come discuss ways that herbs have historically been used to support fertility, pregnancy, and the first days postpartum. We’ll discuss nutritive herbs that can help keep energy levels high and your mood positive, while we also touch on herbal remedies for common concerns such as morning sickness, low iron levels, and boosting milk supply. We will provide resources where you can purchase or find supplies to make your own home remedies.

Dandelion Day

Pesky weed or medicinal superfood? The dandelion is often considered a noxious weed to be ripped out of the lawn, but it’s actually an extremely beneficial plant medicine. Join us for an afternoon of dandelion fun. We’ll gather dandelion flowers, leaves, and roots and learn how each can best be used for food and medicine. Leave with a new appreciation of dandelion and ways that this plant can be used to keep you and your family healthy!

5 Herbs Every Woman Needs to Know

Join us as we gather to discuss the important connection between women and plants. We will be talking about five of the top herbs that every woman should be familiar with to maintain a life of health and vitality during motherhood and beyond. These 5 herbs are easily and safely incorporated into your life for greater energy, wellness, and balance. Come taste and experience the herbs while sharing in sisterhood and growing in herbal knowledge.

Make Your Own Herbal First Aid Kit

Natural remedies can work wonders for scrapes, cuts, bites, bruises and burns. Work together, adult and child, to make your own Natural First Aid Kit. Christine Cassella shows you which plants can be used to be well and stay well. **This class was designed to be taught to parents and children.

Herbal Remedy Making: Using Plants from Your Own Backyard to Create a Healthy and Vibrant Life

Ever wonder how herbs can benefit your health and well-being but don’t know how to begin to incorporate them into your life? For beginners and herbal enthusiasts, we will cover some basic uses of common herbs growing in your yard and garden, different herbal preparations, and how to use herbs safely. Learn some of the history of herbal medicine and what roles herbs play in permaculture gardening, and engage your intuition and senses. Come learn how herbal medicine can be your guide in preventing and healing disease and how they can do the same in your garden. Come with curiosity and questions.

Topics include: Using herbs medicinally; Starting your own herbal apothecary; Herbal safety, Teas, infusions, decoctions; How to incorporate herbal food remedies into your meals; Medicinal plant garden tour; Herbal Medicine making: Oils, salves, tinctures and more!

Herbs and the Moon: Using Herbs to Support the Menstrual Cycle

Herbs can be used through all stages of the menstrual cycle to promote health, vitality, and joy. By embracing the gifts of the plant world, we can begin to normalize our menstrual cycle to promote fertility, decrease PMS, cramps, headaches, and other common concerns associated with menstruation. Women at all stages of their menstrual journey are encouraged to attend. We will drink teas, explore various herbal remedies, and learn about the relationship between our menstrual cycle and the moon. You will leave with a new appreciation of your body and Moon Cycle!

Healing Herbs for a Peaceful Postpartum

The baby’s here! Now for the hard part – remembering to take care of yourself! Let’s discuss ways to use safe, effective herbal remedies to help with some common postpartum concerns. We’ll talk about herbs to nourish your body and mind while we blend some remedies together. We’ll discuss common postpartum concerns and herbal remedies to support mood changes, vaginal tears, hemorrhoids, milk production, and more. Participants will leave with a sample to take home and recipes of the remedies discussed.

Herbal Medicine and Healing for Women

Women have a long history of using herbs to improve health and vitality. In this session, experience a short discussion of history of women and herbs and learn the principles of the Wise Woman Tradition. Learn about some of the best herbs for women’s health. Taste and sample herbs that benefit women of all ages and stages as well as learn the benefits of nourishing herbal infusions. We’ll also blend a nourishing tea to take home to help calm and balance the body and mind. Come learn to embrace the healing gifts of the plant world!

The Tipsy Herbalist

Taught by Aniko Zala of Wild Origins

People have been infusing alcohol with plants for flavor and medicine for thousands of years.  In this class we will taste several types of infused alcohols and bitters while discussing the benefits and methods of making this type of medicine.

Herbal First-Aid Intensive

Taught by Leah Wolfe of The Trillium Center

Increase your self-reliance skills by integrating wild plants and kitchen ingredients into basic first aid remedies. Learn how to provide minor first aid and wellness care at home or outdoors and quickly identify emergencies. We will focus on common and easy-to-grow plants for herbal first aid. This is a hands-on class. No first aid experience required.

This preventive approach to natural first aid has three core values: the human mind and body is a self-healing organism, early detection of illnesses, and careful treatment of minor wounds to prevent infections. Find out why you only need to know five plants to enhance your first aid skills. Learn a quick assessment to determine when to call for help. Practice using plant remedies and learn how to make a few versatile herbal products to have in your medicine cabinet.

Plant Consciousness and Healing

Taught by Lynn Abbey Zukowski of Blue Lake Botanicals

The class will cover some of the exploding and exciting new scientific research on plant consciousness. Then we’ll talk about how these green beings have interacted with people since the beginning and how we can still connect with them energetically and spiritually today, and how this can impact disease. There will be a discussion of plant personalities and an experiential “green breath” exercise.

Beyond Chamomile: Herbs for Stress, Anxiety, and Sleep

Taught by Aniko Zala of Wild Origins

There are so many gentle but powerful herbs that can bring balance to your nervous system and help calm your mind when you experience anxiety or have trouble falling asleep.  In this class we will discuss and sample herbs that can be used to manage anxiety, stress, and insomnia. You will leave with an herbal dream balm that you can apply to your temples to help promote sleep.

Herbs and Essential Oils for Pregnancy and Postpartum

Christine Cassella and Jennifer Langsdale

@Awaken Yoga

This workshop is appropriate for anyone looking to learn, expecting mothers, new mothers, yoga teachers, midwives and doulas! Immerse yourself in an evening of discovery of the benefits, safe use and practice of herbs and essential oils for motherhood. This workshop will be a mixture of hands-on and lecture.

Dreams of the Medicinal Orchard

What does our own personal garden of eden look like? Can we grow the diversity of medicinal herbs we need for our practices in the microspace of a backyard, or a large farm? How can we integrate the trees and shrub medicine we want to grow locally with the other herbs in our gardens? We hope to answer these questions with a technique called forest gardening. In designing a forest garden we can think of the plants occurring in layers as they do in the forest. As gardener herbalists we find ourselves wanting to grow herbs and mushrooms that may fit into all the layers of the forest. Forest gardening gives us tools for the ecological cultivation of a diversity of ‘wild quality’ herbs with the benefit of increased disease and pest resistance, soil creation, improved habitat for many species and reduced water and fertility needs over time.

Stay after to help install a medicinal orchard if you’d like!

Taught by John Wright of Red Beet Row.

Ticks & Herbs

Ticks have struck fear into many, making them wary of wandering in the woods or the fields. Understanding ticks helps you avoid them and take some of the fear out of the wilderness. This presentation includes historical information, a public health perspective, and herbal approaches to ticks and tick-borne illnesses. Learn public health and first aid tips to help you prevent infection and inflammation from tick bites.

Topics covered include:

Is that a Tick?
Types of Tick-Borne Infections
Signs and Symptoms
When to Seek Medical Care
Understanding Ticks
What to Wear
How to Check
First Aid and Home Care for Tick Bites
What NOT to Do
How to Remove
Acute Inflammation
Chronic Inflammation

The instructor for this class is Leah Wolfe (Trillium Center) who learned about ticks while living at an infested farm in Wisconsin. She is trained as a wilderness first responder, street medic, public health educator, and herbalist.

Top Herbs for Families to Know and Grow

Join Christine Cassella of Light Footsteps, a mother, herbalist, and doula to learn about the top herbs for keeping children and families well in all seasons. We’ll learn about safe and effective herbs that can easily be grown or found in your backyard, the best ways to prepare them, and how they are used. The workshop will include a handout with recipes and each guest will make a glycerite to take home.

Reeds & Roots Skillshare
Christine will be teaching two workshops at the 1st annual Reeds & Roots Earthskills Gathering taking place August 18-19 at Camp Whitewood in Windsor, OH. She will be teaching “DIY Herbal Oils & Salves” and “Top Herbs for Families to Know and Grow”. Reeds & Roots is organized by a dedicated group of volunteers working to build community ties while promoting a sustainable lifestyle and a strengthened connection with our natural environment. Learn about all the great workshops and register at


Lake Erie Mushrooms

Leah Wolfe (Trillium Center) will be offering a class on seven common mushrooms in our area. Leah has been using these mushrooms for many years as food and medicine. Learn the basic identification skills, ethics of gathering, medicinal uses, energetics, and methods of making teas, broths, and tinctures. Mushrooms include turkey tails, chanterelles, varnished conk (aka reishi), chicken of the woods, artist’s conk, hen of the woods, and boletes. For those who will never pick wild mushrooms, she will offer tips on purchasing growing kits or mushroom powders and other preparations.

Mushrooms offer many nourishing and healing qualities. They are known to make vitamin D even after they’ve been picked. They are high in trace minerals and polysaccharides. Learn more about what they do, how they might work, and what to do with them.

This class is taught by herbalist and forager Leah Wolfe. Leah has been studying herbs and philosophies around healing for 25 years and teaching for more than 10 years. She completed a masters degree in public health in 2009. She has been teaching in NE Ohio at the Trillium Center, an educational project she co-founded) since 2013.

Medicinal & Edible Plant & Mushroom Walk

Come to Light Footsteps for an afternoon plant walk! Learn about the medicinal and edible plants and mushrooms that are available in late Summer. We will discuss traditional and contemporary uses of the plants in a fun and engaging way.

This walk will be led by guest herbalist Leah Wolfe of the Trillium Center

Message me or email to register.

This walk is INCLUDED in the cost for those attending the Mushroom Workshop that precedes this walk.